The way, in which Boris Johnson conducts himself who was, after all, appointed leader of the Conservative Party by the membership following a leadership contest to which the public had no say.

It was also the voters of his constituency who elected him as an MP, again, not the just of us.

We had a general election, and were told the only real choices were either Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson in at No.10. Plus the public were by then, sick to death of Brexit.

Hoping to ‘Get Brexit Done’ was going to be a wonderful opportunity for the UK.

Regardless of the coronavirus outbreak, which Boris Johnson thought was nothing more than flu.

Brexit, is proving a massive failure.

The Prime Minister wants freeports around the country, as if those will somehow attract massive amounts of new investment and create prosperity.

Who is going to foot the bill? Well, of course, you and I (the taxpayer).

Businesses are to be offered incentives, possibly taking them away from other parts of the UK.

We are being told, there are now over one million job vacancies.

If that is the case, who will fill those that freeports are meant to create. Not workers from overseas.

We do not have any date, for when Covid will be under control. Therefore, freeports are yet again, another of Boris’s pipe dreams, at our expense.

The Conservative Party, at the moment are damaged goods.

We need a general election to take away their majority.

The big problem is, whatever is the result, those then elected have a huge task to undo the damage caused under the present government.

I predict we will be in recession if not a depression, for at least the next five years.

Ten years before possibly seeing any light at the end of the tunnel of a recovery.

Fifteen years to find the new level in which, as a country, we have to build back.

Possibly, we might even be back in the EU by then. Or will Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales no longer be part of the UK, and we are left with a bankrupt England.

With our monarchy living abroad.


Bisterne Close, Burley