A BIN bag full of cannabis was discovered by a member of the public as police begin to investigate its origin.

Dorset Police say they received a report on Thursday, January 6, from a member of the public who found the bag of cannabis in a bin in the Upper Parkstone area.

The person retrieved the bag and surrendered it to the Poole neighbourhood policing team for investigation. Further enquiries are being conducted into the history of the bag to see if it can be traced back to a person.

Police say there are two “very narrow scenarios” when the public can possess controlled drugs. These are:

  1. If they have seized them from another individual to prevent their usage. The item must be destroyed ASAP.
  2. If they have seized the items, as in this case, they must deliver them ASAP into the custody of an officer.

A police spokesperson said: “It’s always useful to increase the public’s understanding of the legislation of controlled drugs and possession in terms of the public.

“ASAP means what it says. It doesn't mean putting them in a cupboard and waiting until your next available opportunity. It means as soon as possible.

“There are no concerns of that nature with this case. It’s just a good opportunity to increase public knowledge around the public and controlled drug possession.”

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