PLANS to install a 5G mast to improve mobile coverage in part of Bournemouth have been submitted.

Mobile provider and communications network, Three, want to put up the mast on Castle Lane West, near to the Cotswold outdoor shop.

The plans ask permission of BCP Council to install a 20 metre pole and equipment, and remove the existing 15metre pole.

A letter from H3G - Hutchison 3G UK Limited - as part of the application said: "This location has been identified as being necessary for H3G’s business development and meets its specific technical and operational requirements.

"The proposed replacement mast has been sited and designed in order to provide 5G coverage and to support the existing mobile network.

"At present it is paramount that digital connectivity is supported and maintained throughout the country.

"In particular the current massive shift in user demand from city centres and places of work to residential areas and suburbs requires an improvement in coverage and capacity throughout the whole network.

"The current proposal therefore provides such additional capacity to the network whilst still promoting the improved 5G technology."

It adds: "It is proposed to introduce new infrastructure to the area to allow new technology which will allow networks to be able to handle more data and connect more devices simultaneously at much faster speeds. This will enable the area to remain competitive..."