POLICE forces should not be have to rely on an increase in council tax precept to meet their funding needs, the chair of Dorset Police Federation has says.

James Dimmack, chair of the Dorset Police Federation, said it was "blatantly obvious" that significant investment was required to "balance the neglect of investment in policing".

The response from Mr Dimmack came after the government announced an extra £1.1billion for forces in England and Wales to cut crime in 2022/23.

He said the "extra" money did not cover the billions cut from policing during austerity.

“This amount goes a small way to doing this however significantly more is required to address the chasm left by 18 per cent of cuts undertaken between 2010 and 2015," said Mr Dimmack.

"Much talk is made of the 'uplift' in police officers, which is of course welcomed. The reality is though this is backfilling the numbers culled and also those officers leaving the police service."

He added: "Our officers have performed admirably to provide a magnificent level of service in unprecedented times. I notice that the budget assumes the PCC will impose a £10 precept rise.

“This rise in the precept should not be assumed. It should be within the gift of the PCC to apply as required to support Dorset Police above and beyond not simply to cover the government shortfall.

"In any case I can say that thankfully the age old adage of policing that we will make it work is still alive and kicking.

"It is to the immense credit of all those within Dorset Police that this attitude endures and I am proud of how we rise to the challenge every day.”

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