FIRST mate to captain “a fire has broken out on the ship sir. We need to activate fire suppression”.

Captain: “We’ll leave it for a week or so first mate until after the Crossing the Line ceremony.”

Is that not now our Covid situation?

We have a captain – Prime Minister with cabinet – who will not action what is needed to suppress this enormous tsunami of Covid infections – 91,000 infections a day and rising – sweeping the country.

All the more grievous if lockdown was declared then at the very least hospitality and retail and tourism industries, not least in our local towns, would be eligible for furlough compensation.

But no, not declaring lockdown leaves huge numbers of businesses in an impossible situation losing up to 80 percent of custom at what should be the busiest time of the year.

As many are saying, lockdown by stealth.

The Chancellor has announced support for the hospitality industry but this falls a long way short of furlough assistance funding for jobs and livelihoods for businesses affected in all sectors.

Protection of lives and NHS has to be the highest priority.

With lockdown with furlough compensation for all businesses and staff losing livelihoods, it’s impossible to see any better options beyond “hoping for the best”.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone