A PRIMARY school has asked it's students to send one Christmas card this year 'to avoid unnecessary waste'.

Avonwood Primary School in Harewood Avenue, Bournemouth, said it could save 16,000 cards being sent across the school, if students send just one card to their class.

In a newsletter to parents, Headteacher Mr Jackson said: "At this time of year children often like to bring Christmas cards into school for friends, sometimes whole classes or even year groups.

"As an Earth Charter school, we are keen to avoid unnecessary waste so have decided to ask children to write one class card this year. We will then hang these cards on washing line across the classroom.

"If your child wishes to hand out individual cards to friends this needs to be done outside of school."

The school says that only two parents have contacted the school to complain about this, most parents they have spoken to are relieved and understand the decision.

A spokesperson from the school, said: "As a school we are doing a great deal to celebrate Christmas at the end of term with events such as our Nativity, carol singing, pantomimes, Christmas meals taking place as we would in any normal year.

"We are fortunate that, unlike last year, we feel able to conduct many of these with parents present in line with the current Covid guidelines.

"As an Earth Charter school, we have this year decided to see if we can help reduce our C02 emissions by ending the practice that was common in the school of pupils sending Christmas cards to everyone in their class.

"If every pupil sends to everyone in their class, we would have 16,000 cards being shared across the school.

"By suggesting pupils send just one Christmas card to their whole class then we are all sharing in the joy of Christmas whilst also doing our bit to help the environment.

"Of course, this doesn’t stop pupils from giving Christmas cards to their friends outside of the classroom and to everyone across the school sharing and promoting the spirit of Christmas.

"There have been two complaints about the initiative but overwhelmingly parents understand and agree with our decision."