BOURNE Academy students have been asked to stay at home for two days due to an 'increase in staff contracting Covid'.

In a letter to parents and carers, Principal Mr M Avoth said that whilst that new cases amongst students appear to be decreasing, the number of staff who have contracted Covid, has increased.

Consequently the school is taking further measures to ensure that education can still be delivered to students with reduced staff numbers.

Principal Avoth said: "I would like to reassure you that we have contacted every supply agency within the area and they have no additional staff available.

"This has created a significant demand on remaining staff that simply cannot be sustained.

"Therefore, I am writing to inform you that we have taken the reluctant decision to ask Year 9 students to remain at home tomorrow (Thursday 9 December) and Friday 10 December.

"The rationale for asking Year 9 students to remain at home is that this will create the greatest relief for staff to ensure they can cover our operational safety duties as well as parents/carers being more likely to be able to make arrangements with Year 9 aged students."

Year 9 will have work set for them online via Show My Homework.

The school will also be taking the following measures to mitigate cases for all year groups:

"All ACE clubs and Additional Learning will be cancelled until the end of term.

"We strongly recommend that students wear masks in their classes from now on. As previously mentioned, in some classes face coverings may be required.

"For instance, during some in-class activities, when students are needing to move around and work in groups, as they would during a science experiment.

"Please be aware that visitors to Reception must make an appointment until further notice."

The Academy has said it will continue to monitor the number of positive cases of Coronavirus within the school.

Bourne Academy were contacted for further information but no one was available to speak to us.