FEARS have been voiced that "one of the most famous and iconic views" in Bournemouth is at risk of suffering an "act of the most outrageous aesthetic vandalism".

Bournemouth Civic Society has expressed concerns over plans for the building that adjoins Old Christchurch Road and Gervis Place in the town centre.

Applicant West Edessa Ltd is seeking permission to deliver alterations and extensions to the shop and office block at 2 Christchurch Road to form two additional floors of offices at third and fourth floor levels with a roof terrace and balustrading.

The application is currently open for public consultation on BCP Council's planning portal.

Heritage organisation Bournemouth Civic Society's comment on the proposal said: "This is an application to build two additional floors in the same style for office purposes on the existing two floors of a well known Art Deco building, formerly Dolcis, built of concrete and chrome for retail use, during the interwar period.

"This small building on a triangular site has always been viewed in conjunction with the neighbouring much, much larger, Art Deco Building: Plummer Roddis House which was also constructed during the 1930s.

"The society thinks that the general view of Old Christchurch Road from the Square with the assorted historic retail buildings centred on WH Smith to the left and the contrasting two and eight storey Art Deco structures to the right, constitutes one of the most famous and iconic views in all Bournemouth and is much photographed by many visitors.

"Therefore we think it would be an act of the most outrageous aesthetic vandalism if ever this view was seriously compromised."

The society believes the architectural shapes in the area are "so fine" they deserve "official preservation".

"Therefore we most sincerely hope that good sense will prevail and one of the most famous vistas of central Bournemouth will be preserved," the society said.

"Consequently, having considered the application carefully, the Society has decided that since this scheme would in no way uphold the townscape policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan, it should be refused."

A design and access statement submitted on behalf of West Edessa Ltd said the building has a "somewhat unique style and use of materials which are unusual in the area".

"Despite this wide range of styles and colours in the area we feel that the building at number 2 Old Christchurch Road would not suit anything but a re-use of the existing style and materials of the existing upper floors," said the supporting statement said.

"These facades include original Crittal style white steel framed windows, and these will be specified again. Though, as updated, these are far more energy efficient, openable glazed fittings, and will closely match the existing frames and proportions."