IT IS claimed that around five million people in UK have not yet received any Covid injections.

I don’t believe that this figure of five million is fully down to ‘anti-vax’ people but more for other reasons.

Many of those numbers have not received a jab simply because they cannot find the time or just cannot be extra bothered.

People working almost twenty-four hour seven within industries demanding all their free time with no specified or guaranteed free time. For instance, zero hour contracts or the gig industry.

My own son works in construction, is up at six in the morning and doesn’t get home until late in the evening. He doesn’t even have a lunch break. He often works Saturday.

I have told him many times he can arrange an appointment on Sunday but he is often far too tired.

So sort that mix out within the five million – the anti-vax brigade, the long hour working and those (for maybe good reasons), who just cannot be bothered.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth