Ministers have been urged to take a firmer stance on mask-wearing in pubs and restaurants amid rising concern that the Omicron variant will disrupt Christmas festivities.

Face coverings become compulsory again on public transport and in shops from Tuesday and teachers and pupils in Year 7 and above are now being “strongly advised” to wear masks in communal areas outside classrooms in England.

Department for Education guidance also states that face coverings should be worn by university students and staff in communal spaces and corridors.

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But some experts suggested the advice is not strong enough and have questioned why people should wear a face covering on a train or in a shop but not in a pub.

Here's what YOU said when we asked your thoughts on the rules in shops and on transport.

  • It’s not exactly hard to wear a mask plus keeps the wind off my face!
  • Me and my family still wear ours in shops. We never stopped. Our workplace still have wearing a face mask not just for staff but guests as well.
  •  During the war and for years and years after we had the rhyme - "Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Catch your germs in a hankerchief." No one back then complained that being told to do that infringed upon their personal freedoms or took away their human rights. Back then people understood the concept that we have a communal responsibility for the welfare of all and towards all, sadly unlike today.
  • Should be used in every public place especially concerts and theatres etc even outside sport.
  • I still wear a mask at shops anyway because I care for my dad and work in a carehome so I have to protect them.
  • It doesn’t make any difference to me as I carried on wearing them in shops. It’s a small thing to do to help stop it spreading, particularly now when shops are going to be busy in the run up to Christmas.
  • Like it or not, this virus has the ability to mutate.It will not go away for a hell of a long time. I work in a pub, the last lockdown nearly killed us as a business. Come reopening we did everything we could do that we were told. It was seriously tough for all of us. The bosses took an almighty hit financially and it could have been touch and go. Please please accept the present because I can tell you now nobody wants to revist the past.
  • Over reaction. General basic hygiene will eventually slow the issue. How many times have a used a public convenience and other guys have NOT washed their hands spreading germs and other viruses. Wash your hands. Stop the spread.
  • Should be pubs, cinemas, theatres, casinos, restaurants et al as well!
  • I'm ok with it. I've been wearing a mask in supermarkets and public transport anyway. Used to wearing masks and ppe when visiting Mum in care home, plus handwashing , santising and taking lateral flow tests. It's about protecting others and slowing the spread of any virus and germs. Whats the problem?