THE Bournemouth Civic Society endorses the sentiments of your correspondent Dr Martin Rodger, as published in your edition of November 18 (“City status bid is ludicrous in the extreme”).

In addition to these concerns, there is a strong possibility that, should city status be granted for Bournemouth, the high-rise and high-density development currently confined to the Lansdowne area would proliferate throughout the town.

One Bournemouth councillor and member of the cabinet addressing this issue in the council debate on November 9 said “this isn’t about high-rise blocks”, yet at the same time the current administration’s “Big Plan” is speaking of “an iconic cityscape”, while referencing “our city region” on every other page.

We have great pride in all that is best of the parks, gardens and built heritage created by the vision of Victorian, Edwardian and twentieth century landowners, entrepreneurs and successive borough councillors and town officials.

So we are content with Bournemouth’s long held description as a “Garden City by the Sea” and do not see any sense in actually turning the town into a city which risks undermining all the characteristics that made and make it special.

Nor do we consider have residents been consulted on this issue at any stage.

Those who object to a “Bournemouth City” like us, however, can make their feelings known by contacting the decision-makers directly at, or by writing to them at Constitutional Policy Team, Cabinet Office, 4th Floor Yellow Zone, 1 Horse Guards, London SW1A 2HQ.


Chairman, Bournemouth Civic Society