PLANS have been revealed for a ‘model of the model’ to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Wimborne Model Town.

The new model, which true to scale is one tenth of the size of the existing miniature buildings, will be laid out behind the Cornmarket area representing the original location of the Model Town open from 1952 to 1983.

It means the new, smaller model of the Minster will be one one-hundredth of the actual building.

The new mini-model, which consists of more than 100 shops, banks, pubs, the Minster and the King’s Head Hotel, is being produced from 3D printed Polylactide derived from plant based renewable resources.

The new project answers the perennial question posed by visitors of “where is the model of the model town”?

And the digital technology employed, could even lead to the development of an miniscule 1000th scale replica.

Penri Jones, project leader and Model Town trustee said: “It is very enjoyable to be taking Wimborne Model Town forward with this new platinum anniversary undertaking.

“It has only been made possible by utilising the many varied talents of our volunteer team.”

Heading up the painting is Becky Campbell from the Winter Workshop group with onsite groundwork being undertaken by Model Town maintenance volunteers with the assistance of contractor, Jay Angus.

The Model Town is currently closed for refurbishment and Greg Hoar, of the Model Town, said he was excited for the events planned in the new year.

He said they include a model day and a vintage day as well as the usual Folk Festival held each year in Wimborne.