BACK in May in a moment of madness I was lying under a van in my driveway when the Jack collapsed crushing my ribs and various other bits of my body.

Had I have been on my own I would have had my chips but luckily I was able to be removed and an ambulance was called.

When I came round I was surrounded by medics and apparently the air ambulance had been called.

As it happened I was whisked off in an ambulance to Poole Hospital and within an hour had had two scans, an ultrasound and x-ray, two cups of tea and a Bourbon biscuit.

At no time was I asked for my credit card, insurance details, credit checks, eligibility checks or to fill out any forms, just fantastic care throughout.

The NHS may be struggling but is certainly not broken and any thoughts of it being privatised as suggested by your correspondent is the last thing we need.

I am now ninety per cent recovered and have since bought a new jack and axle stands.

VIC POINTS Cranbrook Road, Parkstone