A MOTORIST has said sorry after being caught driving above the limit by a speed camera on a main route in Dorset, a court heard.

Weymouth Magistrates Court heard how Paul Balfe, aged 59, was caught driving his silver Ford van at a speed of 37mph on January 26 this year on the A350 in Charlton Marshall, near Blandford.

The speed limit on the A350 through Charlton Marshall is 30mph.

Balfe, of Milton End, Arlingham, admitted exceeding the speed limit in contravention of an automatic camera device.

Prosecutor Chris Baker said: "The defendant was driving along the A350 when a speed camera caught him driving above the speed limit.

"There was no response from him regarding a letter sent to his address to pay for the speeding fine. The defendant then ignored a second letter about the fine."

Mitigating, Raj Chopra said: "He's a sub-contractor and is hard-working person.

"He works all over the UK usually in areas with high-covid infection rate.

"Regarding the speed he was travelling, it was not over a substantial level and he is very sorry."

Chair of the bench, Robert Ford said: "You already have six points on your licence from the past three years, and there will be an additional three points added onto that total. Any more points could result in a totting-up disqualification from driving.

"It's important to that understand speed limits are there for a reason. Do not speed."

As well as the additional three points on Balfe's licence - bringing his total to nine - he was also ordered to pay a fine of £150, £110 court costs, and a victim surcharge of £34.