TONIGHT is November 10 – six nights after Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night whatever you wish to call it.

We expect fireworks, fireworks on the fifth and seemingly on the sixth but this year has been worse than usual. I live in a quiet village (normally) near Ringwood.

My cat lives in terror and I feel upset by the noise – I was in a bombing in Northern Ireland when I worked there and suffered for two weeks with shock.

That is clinical shock – severe headache, nausea, vomiting and felt like I had a terrible bug.

I was outside in a car park when he IRA grenade attacked a police station next to my hotel.

Every year this noise drives animals and people mad – yet it is still allowed to continue.

Today fireworks were starting up at 4.30 and I rushed in to get the cat.

After 8pm – that’s six nights after Bonfire night and off it goes again.

I wonder how many animals suffer from this, disappear or like the pony in the Forest rush under the wheels of a car?

Because we and are animals are prisoners to this hobby of overgrown kids.

In the main much of this is the noise of high powered, expensive fireworks bought by well-off people, They are not the sparklers or star bursts for kids.

And all this will start again around Christmas and New Year.

One firework crashed on to the glass roof of a friend’s conservatory.

Will it ever stop?


Post Office Lane, Ashley Heath