WHAT surprises me most about the current media feeding frenzy over the actions of a couple of MPs is that anyone should be surprised.

I suspect that there is a much higher concentration of unprincipled, greedy miscreants and downright crooks among the members of both houses of parliament – of all parties – than there is among the population as a whole.

Calls for ‘probes’ into the, at the very least, ‘questionable’, behaviour of (dis)Honourable members will achieve nothing – especially when such investigations are carried out by MPs themselves.

The task of cleaning up Parliament will be a great deal harder than that faced by Hercules who, for his fifth labour, was ordered to to clean the Augean Stables – which held 3,000 cattle and hadn’t been cleaned for 30 years.

Sadly, the Mother of Parliaments has become a den of thieves.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth