THE young of today of who go on ‘climate change’ marches blame us ‘Boomers’ (post war), and the generations before them for all the environmental mess we are in today.

When in truth it is the generations that followed that are to blame.

Born in 1948, there was still rationing of food and all products meaning production and deliveries by all means of transport was very low. I can still remember many horse drawn deliveries.

Vehicle ownership travelling from one town or even county to another was practically unheard of unless going by steam train.

Holidays abroad was never even considered.

Things were not made of plastic but bakelite – radios, later TV’s and even light switches. Even plumbing was with lead or metal pipes.

We had small corner shops and not vast supermarket complexes that require large daily deliveries from giant lorries.

We used shopping baskets to bring home our needs. Many didn’t have fridges but larders for cold storage, lucky to get one telephone owner in the street for any emergency.

There was no central heating for many – just one coal fireplace in the main living room, which I might add was used only on special occasions like Christmas.

Kids walked or cycled to school – there was no ‘school run’ with big gas guzzling cars.

Things changed much later with the birth of plastics. I can recall many things made of plastic from Hong Kong right down to the free toy in my cornflakes.

Woolworths picked up big on this with their products.

It first began with the transistor radio age, then advanced during the early eighties with computers and it goes much wider today with most products in our homes being made of plastic and all from the Far East.

So whilst saying it’s not the ‘Boomers’ fault for all this climate change but the following generations, I ask all you protestors now – do you want to progress or go back to how it was in my early days?


Wellington Road, Bournemouth