THE daughter of a 90-year-old care home resident says it’s “criminal” that her mother has not been offered a Covid booster jab after staff tested positive for the virus.

Nesta Carpenter spent her 90th birthday locked down inside Care South’s Talbot View care home in Ensbury Park after two members of staff tested positive for Covid-19.

Her daughter Sue says that even before this, her mother had not been offered either a Covid booster jab or a seasonal flu vaccine.

She said: “Mum’s care home locked down on October 14 after two carers on unconnected shifts were classed as an outbreak by BCP Council.

“The Covid booster and flu vaccines have not been administered to the residents, though district nurses are still making visits to residents.

“I and many of my friends have had both these vaccines. It’s criminal that my mum spent her 90th birthday locked down and without the booster flu vaccines.

“It’s heart-breaking that I could only see her though the glass.

Bournemouth Echo: 90-year-old Nesta Carpenter is yet to be offered a Covid-19 booster jab90-year-old Nesta Carpenter is yet to be offered a Covid-19 booster jab

Sue added: “I’m told the home will be retested and just maybe the home will reopen on November 15. The manager has been trying to get the residents vaccinated, to no avail so far.

“I don’t understand the rules for care home lockdown's and BCP’s role, however the home believes they should have reopened and not been regarded as an outbreak in the first place. We just want to raise awareness of what’s going on so something can be done about it.”

We have been informed that these vaccinations will not currently be offered at Talbot View..."

The council said after staff tested positive a temporary 14-day suspension on admissions was placed on the home to minimise the risk of further spread of the infection. However, the second positive test on October 27 reset the 14-day clock.

They said the suspension ended on Wednesday, November 10, at which point the home would need to test all staff and residents and, if the results were negative, the home could receive new admissions once more.

Care South said: “Restrictions on visiting in all care homes nationally during the pandemic is governed by Public Health England who have been consulted in relation to Talbot View.

“Covid-19 booster vaccinations and flu vaccinations are being rolled out to all care homes via the Primary Care Network. We have been informed that these vaccinations will not currently be offered at Talbot View until the home has returned to normal operations – which we are hoping will be very soon.

“The safety of our residents and staff is our utmost priority and we are in constant communication with the Local Authority and the CCG to ensure that we will make all Covid-19 booster and flu vaccinations available to the residents of Talbot View as soon as we are informed we are able to do so.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “We have a duty of responsibility to keep our residents, vulnerable people and communities safe. Following the reported Covid-19 outbreak within the care home, we’ve been working alongside Public Health and NHS colleagues to manage the home and ensure the risk of the infection spreading is minimised.

“In line with national guidance a temporary suspension on new admissions is in place and once staff and resident testing confirms no further infections the home will be able to accept admissions.’’

A spokesperson for the Dorset Covid-19 vaccination programme said: “We are continuing to plan and mobilise the Covid-19 vaccine booster programme.

“The local vaccination team are working closely with the care home to administer the Covid-19 and flu vaccine when access restrictions end.”