AN ANIMATOR from Poole has launched a climate change cartoon on Sky Kids.

Amanda Evans created the show Obki, which is aimed at five to nine-year-olds and focuses on positive actions children can take to help slow down climate change.

The animated series features the original character Obki, a loveable alien, on his journey to be a positive force for good on Earth.

Amanda was originally inspired to create Obki by her daily passion for open water swimming at Sandbanks beach.

Seeing the effect the environment was having on the sea, she wanted to engage with children.

Amanda said: “There are simple steps we can all take every day to make life more sustainable and they all add up. It’s great that the loveable and fun persona of Obki has resonated with children and the British public and we are so happy to encourage and inspire more children around the world to take small steps for the environment. We are looking forward to taking Obki’s message across the world.”

A former professional sportswoman, Amanda is passionate about the outdoors especially the ocean. As an open water swimmer, Amanda has explored seas all over the world from the English Channel and the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean and the Bosporus Strait.

Obki the alien is a passion project which has brought to life Amanda’s creative ambition to take children on an animated adventure under the sea while educating them about the very real challenges faced by our planet.

Obki is expected to be the first sustainable cartoon character that will get a truly sustainable global licensing deal according to licensing expert Damian Hopkins.

The first season of 16 TV episodes launched on Sky Kids in August 2021, in line with COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference.

The show was screened at COP26 at a special event called ‘World Leaders Listen Up’ on November 7.

It is part of Sky’s campaign to be net zero carbon by 2030 and its commitment to encourage its customers to #GoZero, by using its content and channels to raise awareness of the climate crisis and inspire viewers with actions they can take to protect the planet.