A NEIGHBOURHOOD policing team has conducted foot patrols across Poole in an effort to target anti-social behaviour hotspots.

Poole Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) attended locations such as Poole Park and Parkstone with an intent to deal with any troublemakers “robustly”.

The team started patrolling the area around Poole Park and the cricket pavilion, paying “particular attention” to the Rose Gardens due to recent anti-social behaviour incidents.

They also carried out a foot patrol outside the Parkstone medical centre in Mansfield Road.

A Poole NPT spokesperson said: “[We] have been targeting anti-social behaviour hotspots this evening with intentions of dealing with perpetrators robustly.

“Pleased to report no issues at the time of conducting the patrols.

“Please continue to report ASB via 101 online or telephone as this enables us to target patrols effectively at the correct times. We use this data to create hotspot areas, where ASB occurs more often.”