COVID cases across Dorset have decreased, despite a rise in the number of people admitted to hospital with the virus. 

In their weekly briefing, Public Health Dorset has stated that as a consequence of rising cases last month, hospitals are starting to see more patients admitted with coronavirus.

Hospital levels are now at the highest they have been since March 2021. 

A spokesperson for Public Health Dorset said: "Case rates across both Dorset Council and BCP Council areas have decreased since last week, but we have seen a small increase in rates over the past couple of days.

"After a steep rise in cases during October, infection levels across the county remain high. Following this rise, the number of people in Dorset hospitals with COVID-19 has increased to 69 - this is the highest number since March 2021.

"The number of deaths related to COVID-19 has remained relatively stable over the past few weeks.

"With high case rates and wider pressure on our local health and care system, we continue to ask everyone to remember that we are still living with COVID-19 and act with caution."

They also released a number of steps people should take in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus in the county.

1) Get plenty of fresh air by meeting outdoors or opening doors and windows. This reduces your chances of catching or spreading COVID-19.

2) Take twice weekly lateral flow tests. They are free, quick and easy and will help you check you're not unknowingly passing the virus to others. 

3) Get vaccinated against COVID-19. It's not too late if you haven't had your first or second dose yet, and if you're eligible for a booster jab please take up the offer.