AN INVESTIGATION has been launched by police after a decapitated cat was found in a garden.

Ten-year-old cat Alley was discovered beheaded by a resident, who took the animal to a Bournemouth vet.

Concerned staff at Natterjacks Vets in Christchurch Road contacted police and carried out X-rays. Officers believe the pet was killed deliberately.

Cat owner Emma Janes Blehs, who lives in Stour Road, Christchurch, said she cannot put into words how she feels after being contacted by the vets.

“We had her home on Sunday morning,” said Ms Blehs.

“She goes in and out and it is not uncommon for her to stay out overnight.

“I got a phone call on Tuesday night saying she had been handed in that morning.

“I found out her head is still out there. My husband is convinced this is to do with Halloween.

“Police have said it is definitely done by human hand.”

Ms Blehs, who had Alley since she was a kitten, said the man who took the cat’s body to the vet did not leave a name.

She is hoping to track him down to say thank you for having the courage to take her pet to the vet after discovering the cat in his garden.

“Without him I would never have known,” she added.

“All is can see in my head is her being held down by the throat and her head on a stake somewhere.

“She really was a special cat. She was timid, very independent but would not go to anyone other than me.

“I have got two cats but she was very special.”

A Dorset Police spokeswoman said: “Dorset Police received a report at around 10.25am on Tuesday, November 2, from a vet in Bournemouth that the body of a cat had been found. It is believed that the cat was killed deliberately.

“Officers from the local neighbourhood policing team have been made aware and enquiries into the matter are ongoing. Officers can be approached by members of the public with any concerns or information while on patrol.”

Ms Blehs said anyone who knows about what happened to Alley should could forward.

“I urge anyone with any information to speak out,” she said.

“I have posted about it on social media and everyone is just commenting ‘how awful’. Someone, somewhere, knows who did this.”