An issue with the NHS coronavirus app will see Brits have there Covid Pass confiscated for 14 days if they test positive, according to reports.

After a person tests positive and the NHS app is alerted, people will lose their Covid pass for 14 days, despite the mandatory isolation period being just 10 days.

The mistake means British holidaymakers are left unable to travel despite having completed their 10-day isolation period potentially costing hundreds in cancelled flights.

The NHS App has gained more than 10 million new users in recent months as it became the platform for accessing the pass, which shows proof of a person’s vaccination status and is required for international travel.

One Ryanair customers was left worried she would be left to pay £280 in change flights at the last minute.

They shared a response from the NHS Covid Pass customer care team with the i.

An email said: “There are technical rules within the digital NHS Covid Pass that mean that anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 will be unable to access their digital domestic and travel Covid Pass for 14 days following the date of a positive test result. 

“This time frame is not impacted by the self-isolation period determined by NHS Test & Trace.”

The team admitted the 14-day confiscation of a Covid Pass does not relate to the legal NHS Test & Trace rules.

Those planning to travel should be aware of the problem in advance and can save a copy of the pass before they register their positive result.

NHS Digital ap problems leaves holidaymakers at risk

It comes after NHS Digital confirmed issues had left people unable to access their Covid Pass, leaving some unable to confirm they are vaccinated and safe to travel, earlier this month.

“There are currently issues with accessing the Covid Pass on the NHS App and website,” NHS Digital said on Twitter.

“We are investigating the issue and will update as soon as we can.”