A DORSET Police officer has attended The National Police Bravery Awards at Downing Street following a ‘vile hammer attack’. 

Brave police officer PC Roz Fricker still arrested her attacker despite suffering a haematoma and a prolapsed disk. 

She was responding to a call of a serious disturbance in a block of flats in April 2018 when the man emerged and started threatening her with a hammer.  

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Despite trying to calm the man down he struck her with a blow to the shoulder - following this, PC Fricker and her colleagues who arrived on the scene tracked the man down after he fled and made the arrest. 

The man was holding a large kitchen knife and was later found to be carrying several additional knives.

Nominated for her incredible bravery, PC Fricker attended The National Police Bravery Awards today, Tuesday, October 12, at Downing Street.

The Dorset Police Federation shared their praise for the hero officer online with a video of PC Fricker and her husband in Downing Street today. 

In the video PC Fricker said it was ‘absolutely amazing’ to be at the awards. 

She said: “Didn’t honestly think this would come and didn’t think we deserve it at all but it’s been so far a really good event. 

“It’s nice to be recognised for what we do.”

Proud of his incredible wife's achievements, Simon Fricker said: “I’m very proud of her and she works very hard, not just as a police officer but she’s also a great mum and a great wife. 

“She deserves this day, she is truly a superhero.”

Chief Constable Scott Chilton also praised PC Fricker’s bravery on social media and said: “I am so proud of Roz and all those officers day in day out that do amazing brave acts.”