A TESCO worker has been praised by a neighbourhood police officer after donating a bag of shopping to victims of crime exploitation.

PC Joel Brooks highlighted the kind gesture made by Tesco Express employee Jan Drevenak.

The officer, who patrols the Westborne area, also purchased flowers for the psychiatric hospitals in the area.

In a Facebook post on the Bournemouth Police page, PC Brooks said: "Big thanks to Tesco Express's Jan Drevenak who kindly helped out by donating a bag of shopping to some victims of criminal exploitation that I’ve been helping. These kind gestures have really made a difference as the recipients are not in a good place.

"Also on my patch (in Westbourne) are some psychiatric hospitals, one of which is the mother and baby unit. Whenever I can, I collect bunches of flowers to take to them that are nearing the sell by date.

"This brings some colour to an otherwise clinical setting,and if anyone deserved cheering up it’s these places. The staff are real heroes working mega long hours to improve patients lives. If you spent any time there, you’d agree they all deserve a medal, or at the very least flowers.

"Round of applause to you from the community."