A METAL detectorist from Bournemouth shows no signs of slowing down his 'emotional' crusade of reuniting precious jewellery and items with people who have lost them.

Darren Wiles from Winton started metal detecting in 2009 and has since gone on to found a detectorist group with more than 500 members and reunite nearly 100 people with precious items lost on land and sea. 

Darren and his two colleagues, Aaron Le Arn and John Rodwell, are behind the free Bournemouth Metal Detecting Service that aims to find items across the region. 

The group find people's loved items in their spare time and manage to provide the service free of charge whilst working full-time jobs. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Darren Wiles on Bournemouth beach with a ring he found or someone.

Darren, a software salesman, said: "I do it because I love it. 

"It's such a joy to help people and it can be really emotional.

"Reuniting people with things they've lost, it's not about the cost of the items its about the sentimental value of them.

"You see people so upset when they've lost something and then when I'm able to find it for them you see them crying with tears of joy - it's really emotional for us both."   

Some of the more unusual requests include help finding washing line brackets in long grass and identifying the routes of metal drainage systems before a wedding.

Whatever the request, Darren and his crew are more than happy to help and they often go out in the early hours of the morning to find items. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Darren Wiles helping to retrieve a lost item from the sea

A lot of the requests for finding lost items involve the beach or the sea, in which case Darren works to the time of the tide and will often go out at 3am to find items. 

Darren, 49, said: "It's my passion, I love doing it and I don't mind getting up early to help someone find something special. 

"I do have a family though so there's a balance but my wife is really understanding of why I do this."

From rings to necklaces and phones, Darren has personally helped around 85 people find items they thought were lost forever. 

Looking ahead, Darren shows no sign of slowing down his passion project and has joined community groups across Dorset to help offer his services free of charge.