RESIDENTS were treated to a rare sighting of a bashful deer frolicking on a beach in Bournemouth.

The sweet deer was spotted enjoying the beach at Hengistbury Head on Sunday night, September 26.

A resident shared the rare images of the deer on the beach in a Facebook community group on Monday morning.

Since then the post has amassed hundreds of likes and comments from people saying they’ve also been treated to a rare sighting.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust confirmed that the deer in the pictures was a Sika deer, also known as a spotted deer or the Japanese deer and is native to much of East Asia.

Sika are a non-native species from Asia and are considered semi aquatic – they are able to swim considerable distances and are found all around Poole harbour.

They will follow any green space, and sometimes even roads, to move through the habitat.

A spokesperson for the Dorset Wildlife Trust said: “If you see deer, or any other wildlife on the beach, please watch from a distance and try to let wild animals continue behaving naturally.

“Keep quiet and move slowly and try to avoid making the animal flee as this uses precious energy reserves.

“If the animal looks up at you, changes behaviour or runs away, this indicates disturbance.

“If this happens, the best thing is to move away slowly and quietly to give the animal more space.

“If you have a dog with you, firstly make sure dogs are allowed on that particular part of the beach and at that time of year. Please keep dogs under control at all times so as not to disturb wildlife including shoreline birds.

“With a few simple steps like these, people, pets and wildlife can all use our outdoor spaces safely and comfortably.”