I have been to hundreds of gigs over the last few years and this will go down as one of the best I have ever seen.

Some bands and artists have great songs, some put on a good show and some combine both but Yungblud has elevated this to a level I have rarely seen.

From the moment he took to the stage to the moment he left he mesmerised the sell out crowd in the O2 Academy in Bournemouth and bought the storm that seemed to follow me to the venue right in there with us.

The connection and rapport he has with his fans is again one that I have rarely seen and one that he reaffirms throughout the night. In fact the whole evening seems to be more of a two-way conversation rather than a one-way gig.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: www.rockstarimages.co.ukPicture: www.rockstarimages.co.uk

Almost every single person in the venue seemed to know the words to every single song generating the sort of electric atmosphere that you can still feel in the air long after the house lights come up.

His high energy heartfelt pop songs resonate with everyone who has ever felt alienated, lonely or adrift or just loves great pop that brings people together with a common goal of love and unity, and if that sounds corny to you then go to a Yungblud gig and you will see exactly what I mean.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: www.rockstarimages.co.ukPicture: www.rockstarimages.co.uk

The world would certainly be a better place if more people bought into the message of letting everyone be who they want to be without fear of what others may think. I offered a spare ticket to a colleague who replied that he was not sure Yungblud was his thing. Having now seen him live what seemed like a reasonable statement now seems ridiculous because Yungblud should be everybody’s thing.

From the opener Strawberry Lipstick through Mars, Loner, I Think I’m OK to the closing duo of Charity and Machine Gun every song seemed to be absorbed by the crowd and returned to the stage tenfold such was the intensity and passion both on stage and in the crowd.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: www.rockstarimages.co.ukPicture: www.rockstarimages.co.uk

There are still a lot of gigs to go on this tour and I recommend you try and catch one of them to see a true superstar in the making in a relatively small venue.

Do not miss this tour.