A DEVASTATED woman who sold her late grandmother's jewellery to help raise thousands of pounds to rescue a street dog from India has made a desperate plea for help - after he went missing just four days after being saved.

Seven months ago and after the death of her beloved pet dog, Beverly Bailey heard about a street dog living in Kerala, India, and felt compelled to rescue him so he could come and live a better life with her at her home in Bovington.

She set up a fundraising page to raise the money she needed to fly the one-year-old dog over to England and even sold some of her grandmother's jewellery to raise the funds, and on August 26 she went to Heathrow to go and collect Cola and bring him home.

After just four days, Beverly, 56, was outside her house with Cola when one of her neighbours came over to say hello and inadvertently frightened the pup, who wriggled free from his collar and bolted down Cologne Road and towards Bere Regis.

The dog, which is a mixed breed and looks like an Indian Jackal, has now been missing for 15 days. He has been sighted by various members of the public in locations including Monkey World, Bere Heath and Wareham, and was last spotted at Trent Vale Farm on Monday evening.

Bournemouth Echo: Cola at Heathrow Airport Picture: Beverly BaileyCola at Heathrow Airport Picture: Beverly Bailey

Beverly said: "When I heard about Cola I just thought it was tragic that he was on his own on the streets and I wanted to bring him here and give him a lovely life.

"It was so lovely when I went and picked him up from the airport. I had paid for him to be in kennels in Bangalore for seven months and it cost more than £3,000 for him to get back with the flights and jabs so I was so happy to collect him. He was frightened at first but was really beginning to settle with me and my other dog Poppy.

"It's tragic that he went missing just four days after getting him. I haven't slept since he ran off. I've been driving all over Dorset looking everywhere for him and people keep reporting sightings so I jump in the car to get there quickly. It's been exhausting."

Beverly, a grief counsellor, has spent a lot of time in India doing charity work and hoped to bring a part of the country back here in the form of Cola.

Bournemouth Echo: Cola Picture: Beverly BaileyCola Picture: Beverly Bailey

She said: "India has a special place in my heart and I thought it would be lovely to bring something from there here.

"I am just so worried about Cola and I so hope that after everything the poor thing has gone through to get here that this is not going to be a sad ending."

Beverly has asked anyone that sees Cola not to approach him but to call her on 07877 037790 and tell her the location.