A SCHOOL in Christchurch was forced to take “remedial action” as national supply chain issues impacted their school lunches.

Highcliffe School say that the catering company they use failed to deliver all of their required stock, meaning that students were offered a reduced selection of food items.

This comes days after schools across the country were told to expect food shortages after national supply chain shortages has caused some canteens to stay closed.

In a letter sent out to parents on Tuesday September 14, Business and Finance Director Simon Fuller said: “The school became aware during lunchtime [on Monday] that our external catering company had been impacted by the national supply issues meaning they had not received all the stock expected.

“Despite taking some remedial action, this did mean that a small proportion of students had a significantly reduced choice available to them.

“The external catering company and ourselves would like to apologise for this issue.

“We are taking this issue very seriously and are monitoring the situation daily.”

A school spokesperson said that the disruption only impacted students on Monday September 13 and that the school were able to operate a full canteen service the following day with a full selection of food.

The regional manager for the external catering company has visited the school, who will be working the supplier to address the supply issues.

Due to the national supply issues, the school say that they may be forced to alter their menu accordingly in the future.