A POOLE dad was left on the brink of tears as This Morning surprised him with £1,000 and a VIP trip to Legoland for his autistic son.

Andy Walker, 50, appeared on the ITV show from his doorstep after his successful application in the show’s Dosh On Your Doorstep.

And after a difficult 18 months for full-time carer Andy, he is now planning on taking his nine-year-old son Theo back to Legoland where he said he is “in his element”.

Andy told the Daily Echo: “I don’t deserve it more than any other carer, I thought if I did win I’d take Theo back to Legoland, he is in a world of his own there.

“I submitted it and with these competitions you expect no reply but then a couple of weeks ago a researcher phoned me.”

Andy said the researcher gathered more information and said if they were to win it would be ither Thursday or Friday.

This meant he expected a knock on the door but said the experience was still a shock.

He continued: “I opened the door and the cameraman was right on my doorstep which would take anybody by surprise.”

Presenter Josie Gibson decided to add in the extra surprise of the VIP package, something Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond in the studio were not aware of.

“That was a complete and utter shock,” Andy said. “The VIP side really got to me because I know how much that will change our visit and how much that will mean to my boy.

“I broke the news to Theo over the phone, all I got from his mum was he had been hyper all weekend.

“He is very excited, I am just trying to get it organised for as soon as possible.

“Thank you to ITV and to Josie. It’s important that I just happen to be the carer that was chosen.

“We do what we do, we don’t do it for recognition, we don’t do it for surprises like this, we do it for our loved ones.

“If any other carer won I would be as excited for them as I am.”