RESIDENTS are “very concerned” at the planned removal of a warren of trees behind their homes in Poole as part of housing plans.

The proposed development would see the construction of 81 houses and a three-storey apartment block on land at the Hillbourne Primary School site between Kitchener Crescent and Hillbourne Road.

Works would also include new vehicle and pedestrian access with associated hard and soft landscaping, car parking and a new pedestrian link path.

However, residents say the development would result in several mature trees, including an oak, removed behind a group of homes on Coventry Crescent.

Laura Clover said: “My immediate neighbours and I are very concerned about the proposed tree removal. Essentially, the entire tree line will be removed and the impact on wildlife will be huge.

“I would like to make my thoughts clear that the current plans remove too much green space. I accept additional housing is required but would request we try to save some of the green space we have.

“The proposed plans show the area will become a concrete jungle.”

The trees are home to wildlife including bats and the planning application states that a bat survey was completed.

However, Ms Clover says the survey only covers the north side of the development, adding that the south side, where she lives, has not been included.

She added: “At what point should we be removing an entire mature tree line without conducting a complete bat survey on the relevant land?”

A section of the official ecology report says: “Whilst it is accepted that removal of some of the boundary vegetation is required, it will be carried out as specified in the landscape and ecology management plan to ensure that adequate vegetation remains on the boundaries for protected species.

“Gaps in the boundary vegetation will be ‘gapped’ up using appropriate native species to be agreed with the ecologist, the landscape designer (JPS) and the local planning authority.

“The wooded areas and treelines will continue to provide many different habitats for invertebrates, birds, bats and other animals that may use/pass through the site.”

Ms Clover added: “It’s a shame the current tree line will be lost. The council are quick to say that trees will be replanted but these will not mature in our lifetime.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “As this is a live application, we are unable to comment on this at present.”