FROM darling dogs to a happy hamster, say hello to 10 loveable, furry friends as we put them in the spotlight.

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Early morning is BB the Syrian Hamster's favourite time to come out and play.

Bournemouth Echo: BB the Syrian HamsterBB the Syrian Hamster

Owner and play buddy Clare Small said: "I love BB because she is very unique. She communicates with me via squeaking and sits on her wheel waiting for me to take her out to play."

Lilly the Shih Tzu enjoys spending time in the garden with her toys.

Mr Tank, a 15-month-old American Pocket Bully, is most happy when he's being cuddled, according to owner Amy Searle.

Bournemouth Echo: Mr Tank the American Pocket BullyMr Tank the American Pocket Bully

Cuddling seems to be a popular pastime amongst your pets as French Bulldogs Madge and Coco love to play and give "great" cuddles.

We also say hello to Woody the Schnoodle from Bournemouth who is a fan of stealing and chewing pens, and Echo the Pondenco.

Bournemouth Echo: Echo the PondencoEcho the Pondenco

Echo loves to dig holes and go for walks.

Donna Betteridge, who is also the owner of Echo, introduced us to Lilly and Zyler.

Donna said: "Lilly likes to come on walks with the dog and Zyler loves to jump out on us at random times."

Otis the Labrador and Chapo the Dachshund eat, sleep, and "run around like crazy."

Bournemouth Echo: Chapo and OtisChapo and Otis

Chrissy Hendry described her Rottweiler Bunty as "always happy", and Claire Stickley said her Miniature Poodle Olive is "always up to mischief, making many friends everywhere she goes."

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