Sky have provided an update to customers amid an outage to broadband services overnight and continuing into this morning.

Customers across South-East England and Wales have been left without internet as people report of Sky Broadband outages with internet an landlines down.

The issues began on Wednesday night with more than 2,000 users reporting issues.

Tracking website DownDetector reported that 98% of users were reporting issues with their internet connection.

Complaints have continued into the early hours of Thursday morning as people working from home try to get online.

Sky issue update on Sky Broadband outage

Sky have since issued an update on the outage on social media.

A tweet from the Sky Help Team said: “UPDATE: South East England/Cardiff Engineers are on site and working to restore service ASAP.

“You can keep up to date on the My Sky App and check your service status here.

“We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Sky Customers react to internet outage

Customers have responded with anger comparing Sky Broadband to “something from the Stone Age”.

One customer tweeted: “Terrible coverage for ages recently.”

Another added: “Why are the engineers only on site now? You’re very sorry? Awesome thanks, that makes me feel so much better. Honestly your internet is persistently like something from the Stone Age.

“If you didn’t have Sky Sports to lean on you’d be a B-List provider struggling to survive.”

“Worst internet provider in recent history,” added a third.