A BOURNEMOUTH-based coach has won a boxing belt at the age of 52 and now he wants to inspire others by proving to people they can turn around their life from a bad past.

Roger Dorway is a boxing coach and trainer at Lions of Judah gym, in Southbourne, but also fights having picked up an amateur cruiserweight title in Coventry on Saturday, August 21.

He said he felt pre “relief and joy” when it was announced he had won by one point on a split decision.

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He said: “There were a lot of feelings that night because there was a lot of mucking about with what time my fight was.

“When they called me out I was not ready. Part of me thought I was walking to my death then part of me thought I was walking to my glory.”

And glory it was as the soon-to-be dad came away victorious, however he has not always been involved directly with the sport.

Mr Dorway said: “I only started boxing at 39, all my mates were involved and that inspired me to do something I’d never done.

Bournemouth Echo: Roger Dorway after winning his boxing belt at the age of 52

“I played football and I got injured. My head said I’ve never done boxing so I started it.

“I’ve had 33 fights and just kept the faith because I wanted to win another belt.”

Mr Dorway explained while he continued training and coaching he stopped fighting but his partner, Kelly Cooper, said to him he had “plenty in the tank” and so he took up the fight.

Now the Bournemouth coach and trainer, who moved to the town from London 21 years ago, wants to help other people having had a “bad past” himself.

“I’ve done it all for the kids. There are a lot of kids that are lost and need direction,” added Mr Dorway.

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“I was in trouble when I was younger. I want to teach kids about not going down the wrong route through boxing.”

Now that he owns his own gym, “which is part of the dream,” the boxing trainer does a lot of work with young people, kids with disabilities, youngsters involved in social services and just wants to help because “kids need it and people can help”.