TO INTERPRET recent promotions of Bournemouth air display (Echo, Aug 26) with focus on climate: “We (BCP council) have organised bringing in dozens of mass polluting jet aircraft which we can confidently predict will spray many tons of carbon and nitrates over our town.

Our commitment to any change of policy in respect of escalating climate melt-down is non-existent. Be assured our council will not face up to any hard decisions.

To add to the mass pollution we will have large firework displays. We won’t talk about the mass release of nitrate and phosphorus pollution. It will be after dark so you won’t see the smog hazes drifting over the town.

And we won’t talk about Covid infection. No worries about 450,000 visitors funnelled into one location, on one day. Bournemouth the fourth highest rising infection rate in the country. We won’t talk about this.

We mention fear of noise. Jets the loudest deafening noise on planet Earth. As we say, your child may be scared. We won’t say terrified. We certainly won’t talk about impact on local population and wild life.

Coming into Bournemouth and leaving expect mass road gridlock. We (BCP council) give no consideration to traffic gridlock and pollution any more than we do to jet pollution.

When everyone’s gone we’ll bemoan the tonnes of detritus and plastic dumped on the beaches, washing into the sea.

And we’ll do it all again next year.

Vote for mass pollution. Vote for destruction of world climate.

Vote for the current BCP administration.”

JEFF WILLIAMS Jubilee Road, Poole