TEACHERS and youth groups are reminded they can access important materials after the summer holidays which communicate crucial messages to Key Stage 2 pupils about the Countryside Code.

The Country Land & Business Association (CLA) and LEAF Education have produced a resource pack which is designed to educate children how to act safely and responsibly in the countryside.

The code’s messages of respecting everyone, protecting the environment and enjoying the outdoors are highlighted in these packs through a list of activities including a soil investigator’s exercise, sky lantern role play activity and waymarker memory game.

It is hoped these packs will help children and young adults understand that safe and responsible behaviour in the countryside is fundamental to enjoyment of it.

Carl Edwards, Director of Leaf Education, said: "LEAF Education is delighted to have been able to work with the CLA on the production of these resources.

"Together we believe it is incredibly important that young people learn from an early age about the important messages in the Countryside Code.

"The earlier young people experience the joy of the countryside, the greater their chance of developing a life-long enjoyment and respect of the environment around them.

"Supporting teachers through these curriculum linked resources will not only help them in delivering an understanding of how the countryside works, but also help their pupils translate the importance of how to respect, protect and enjoy first their local environment and then the wider countryside."

The Countryside Code, which was first introduced in 1951, was recently refreshed following an increase in the number of visitors to the countryside during the pandemic.

Victoria Vyvyan, Vice President of the CLA, said: "These resource packs will enable teachers and group leaders to put fun and engaging lessons plans together on the Countryside Code so children can put what they learn into practice.

"The countryside is a working environment where farmers and land managers work tirelessly to produce world-class food with high environmental and animal welfare standards.

"It’s important young people, in particular, learn to enjoy their time in rural areas safely and responsibly."

The CLA continues to lobby the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to include the code as part of the school curriculum.

The pack is free to download from the CLA’s website and is also available on the Countryside Classroom.