A PARKSTONE woman has successfully completed her daring challenge of abseiling 100 metres down the Spinnaker Tower to raise money for Forest Holme Hospice.

Tiffany Watson, 49, who has central core disease and malignant hyperthermia, abseiled alongside her personal trainer Scott Exley on August 7.

Tiffany was keen to undertake the challenge in aid of Forest Holme Hospice, who have been unable to host their usual fundraising events due to the pandemic, and has raised £2,055.

Bournemouth Echo: Tiffany Watson about to abseil down Spinnaker TowerTiffany Watson about to abseil down Spinnaker Tower

She said: "The amount we have raised keeps going up and I am well chuffed with the current amount. I know that the money will go towards the great work the hospice does.

"They need all the funds and support they can get as they haven't been able to do their fundraisers. Every little helps."

Tiffany abseiled using only her arms due to restrictions posed by her disability, but impressively reached the bottom of the Tower in 12 minutes.

She said: "I couldn't use my legs due to my disability so I went down on my knees and made do with my arms and upper body strength. I am so proud of myself.

"This shows that people with disabilities are able to do things like this. I wasn't nervous, I loved it.

"I achieved something I never thought I would. Scott and I supported each other and he was my rock for me.

"There is an opportunity for people with disabilities to defy their disability, so I would say just do it. Get out there and take the plunge - it's mind over matter

Bournemouth Echo: Tiffany Watson and Scott Exley abseilling down the Tower Tiffany Watson and Scott Exley abseilling down the Tower

"I have proved that you can do it and I only used my arms. It was worth all the pain.

"The Spinnaker Tower staff were absolutely amazing and they were very good with me. I never doubted the safety and I would give the staff a ten out of ten.

"Since we did the challenge, we have had a couple of hundred pounds added to the fund and we are trying to keep the amount topped up."

To donate to Tiffany and Scott's fundraiser, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tiffany-watson2