RECENTLY installed seafront barbecues were reportedly put out of action due to issues around ensuring the facilities were cleaned on a daily basis.

Over the past few days the BCP Council-funded cooking stations at Branksome beach had been fenced off.

Councillor Vikki Slade, former leader of BCP Council, has been outspoken about her concerns with the scheme in the electric beach barbecues.

The Liberal Democrat called the investment, said to be £106,140 for ten barbecues, in for a review by the local authority’s overview and scrutiny committee earlier this year.

Councillor Slade said she had asked council officers why the facilities had been out of use over the past few days.

She was told there had been issues with the arrangements for how they could be cleaned every day, which was resolved yesterday and they had since reopened.

“To me I think the issue is they have rushed through the provision of something that wasn’t wanted and it was not fully thought through,” said Cllr Slade.

“If they are going to be emptying the fat on a daily basis it should be okay.

“There is a lot of people who would not dream of using them.

Bournemouth Echo: Cllr Vikki SladeCllr Vikki Slade

“The big issue with this one is they used strategic community infrastructure levy to fund it.”

The electric barbecues, which are currently located at Branksome Chine, will be available for use all-year round.

The next batch of them is due to be placed just east of Bournemouth Pier and at Fisherman's Walk at the back end of summer.

Bob Lister, chairman of the Poole Beach Huts Association, told the Daily Echo yesterday morning: “I have contacted the council to ask why they have been cordoned off, but they have not told me.

“The three at Branksome Chine are out of action. They have been for the last four days, they were only in action for ten days.

“They are usually covered in sand.”

A BCP Council spokesman confirmed that the barbecues were fully operational again.

Bournemouth Echo: The electric barbecues were back in actionThe electric barbecues were back in action

The spokesman said: “We apologise for the fact that the three beach barbecues at Branksome Chine were closed for a few days.

"This was due to staffing issues but they are now fully operational.

"A further seven electric barbecues will be opening soon at Fisherman’s Walk and east of Bournemouth Beach.”