FOLLOWING numerous complaints about the behaviour of jet ski riders off of the coast across the BCP area, police have urged anyone who sees an incident to make sure they report it.

That was the key takeaway from a meeting between local electrician Andrew Staines on the Dorset marine police team on their boat docked in Poole Quay on Saturday July 31.

Mr Staines, 50, was invited down to speak with Jon Waddell following his near miss with a jet ski user while he was snorkelling in the harbour at Poole; having called for greater action.

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Speaking with the Echo, Mr Staines said: “The meeting really positive, I’m really pleased with their set up with the boat.

“They are just as concerned as me, they feel it is a priority.”

For the Poole resident the “only negative” was that the boat was not out and the lack of officers they have at their disposal, but for Mr Staines he feels more needs to be done.

“I do not think it will make a difference, what we need is to get some good public prosecutions,” he added.

“The licensing needs looking at, the issue is that a jet ski is not classed as a vessel so it is hard to prosecute especially when regulation is done locally rather than national.”

The electrician called for the issue to be addressed by Government to truly get to the bottom of the issue and change the laws and regulations for jet ski users.

Dorset police confirmed to the Echo that they are, however, working to ensure the coastline across the BCP conurbation is safe.

A Dorset Police spokesperson said: “We are working closely with our partners including local councils and Poole Harbour commissioners to ensure people are using our waters responsibly and safely.

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“With our operation seagoing proactive multi-agency patrols have seen a number of people stopped and spoken to in relation to their activities on the water in recent weeks.”

The force have said that they are always to engage with members of the public and discuss concerns they have and added that they encourage “users of jet skis and watercraft to use them responsibly and be considerate of others at all times.”

"Anyone who witnesses any offences being committed should contact us at, via email or by calling 101.”