A YACHT caught fire at Parkstone Yacht Club in Poole, with emergency services on the scene. 

Two fire engines were in attendance last night, having responded to more than 41 emergency calls from members of the public.

PICTURES: Moment boat caught fire at yacht club with black smoke 'seen for miles'

A Dorset Fire spokesperson told the Daily Echo: "Crews are attending the scene of a yacht which is on fire at Parkstone Yacht Club. 

"Our first call was at 20:36 this evening and we still have calls coming in. Our crews will remain overnight at the scene, in which the intention is to let the fire burn out."

The spokesperson confirmed that the yacht was positioned away from nearby docks and was not a threat to other boats at this time. 

Bournemouth Echo: Witnesses watch as smoke bellows from the burning yacht in Poole. Picture: Susan RiglerWitnesses watch as smoke bellows from the burning yacht in Poole. Picture: Susan Rigler

Bournemouth Echo: Parkstone Yacht Fire. Picture: Carolyn ReeceParkstone Yacht Fire. Picture: Carolyn Reece

These dramatic photographs show flames engulfing the boat, sending plumes of thick smoke billowing into the sky.

Local resident Susan Rigler told the Daily Echo: "The plumes of smoke could be seen on the other side of Poole. There were many people stopped around the Whitecliff area watching.

"I feel for the boat owner, even if it was insured, I'm sure they must be devastated. I just hope no one has been hurt."

Other witnesses have reported seeing a helicopter circle the scene and a Facebook user said that they could see the smoke from as far as West Moors.