THE golden arches of McDonald’s are famous across the world for their fast-food and love them or hate them, we’ve all had one. 

From breakfast to lunch and dinner, pregnancy cravings to hangover cures - there’s a moment in everyone’s life where all you want is a McDonald’s. 

Thanks to Google Reviews we can see which McDonald’s have the highest (and lowest) ratings, from previous customers.

To save you the hassle, we've sorted through all of the reviews of the golden arches in the conurbation. Here's the best and worst: 

1. McDonald’s town centre, Old Christchurch Road - 3.9 out of 2,711 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

McDonalds in Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth

Potentially one of the busiest McDonald’s in the conurbation - and the one with the most reviews - Bournemouth town centre’s golden arches takes the top spot as customer’s favourite. 

A previous customer said: “Fantastic store.  They had great safety procedures in place and really good staff.  Food came out fresh and delicious and we were even greeted on the way out.  Very nice”

Another said: “Clean, well run and good customer service from both the counter staff and the host.”

2. McDonald's Boscombe, Christchurch Road - 3.9 out of 1,114 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

Boscombe Precinct. File picture.

The second favourite McDonald’s is in Christchurch Road in Boscombe - and proves to be a favourite with takeaway and delivery customers.

One customer said: “My partner and myself mainly order via delivery and I have to say (please don't jinx me for writing this down) that the Boscombe Store is better than any other McDonald's closer to us for this.” 

Another said: “Burger was very dry, I hope it was a one off as I’ve never had any problems beforehand. Won't stop me from visiting there again.”

3. McDonald's Christchurch, Somerford Rd - 3.8 out of 1,774 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

McDonald's in Somerford Road, Christchurch

Christchurch’s McDonald’s has 3.8 stars out of 1,774 reviews.

A ‘local guide’ reviewer said:

“Excellent customer service, helpful with first class covid safety procedures to ensure safety for its customers entering the premises.”

Another customer said: “Crazy pandemic times but drive-through wait wasn't so bad. Efficient two lane ordering system (merging into single lane for payment and collection). Ordered items are correct and fresh.” 

4. McDonald's Poole - Mannings Heath, Heath Retail Park - 3.7 out of 998 reviews

An avid McDonald’s fan said: “Average McDonalds. Pick your times carefully as it can get too busy around meal times. Best time to go is 11am-12pm.”

Another review said: “By no means a scenic location, but who cares. Staff are superb, especially with managing the flow of customers which a lot of branches are sadly lacking.  

“The store is immaculate. As such, one feels comfortable throughout the visit.

5. McDonald’s in Asda, St Pauls Road - 3.7 out of 977 reviews

One happy customer said: “Very good service. Came in and before you use the screen, the staff clean it for you so it's clean due to covid. I ordered and then staff passed me a table number and my food was brought to me in quick time. Probably one of the best mcdonalds I've eaten at. Definitely good breakfast before heading back to London!”

However, not all reviews are shining. One person said:

“What can I say, I would give zero stars if I could.

“Meals came cold and they couldn't either be bothered to put happy meals In boxes. When I complained they blamed Just Eat plus customer services are stating they’re not answering calls.”

6. McDonald's Branksome, Alder Road - 3.5 out of 1,630 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

McDonald's Branksome, Alder Road

One customer said: “I used this place a lot over lock down,  the staff are all pleasant and helpful,  just one thing - the food is sometimes cold!”

Another said: “Really busy but the staff are super helpful and friendly. Doing a stellar job during the pandemic!”

A one-star review and another avid McDonald’s fan wasn’t happy with their latest visit, they said: “I’ve been to many McDonald’s restaurants across the world, in at least a dozen countries and across multiple continents. I can honestly say this McDonald’s is the worst one I’ve been to in the world, by far.” 

7. McDonald’s Castle Point, Castle Lane West - 3.4 out of 484 reviews

A previous customer said: “Clean and tidy place. Great customer service and the food was good, the food was fresh.” 

Another review said: “Half the normal menu, so half stars for half a McDonald's. They miss everything but the basic items, so if you fancy a wrap etc. you'll want to go elsewhere”

A one-star review said: “Ordered a takeaway for my granddaughter's birthday today. 

“I ordered the bacon clubhouse double which came with no bacon! 

“Ordered two kids chocolate milkshakes and got one chocolate and one strawberry - asked for BBQ sauce but didn't get any. 

“Chips were almost cold. Not good at all, how can you have a bacon clubhouse with no bacon?”

Which McDonald’s in your favourite? Let us know in the comments.