I HAVEN’T been to Bournemouth for over a year and my friend and I decided to meet up.

We had not been together for a while, but what a disappointment and shock it was.

I was dropped off in Westover Road and walked on down past the boarded-up windows – a terrible state – and met my friend only to be told the restaurant in House of Fraser is currently closed.

As we walked up towards Horseshoe Common, we gave up and ended up in Zaza. I cannot recommend it enough.

Really good service, nice food and coffee, very reasonably priced even the toilet was spotless.

We walked later to the Square – what a mess for the summer season – then past another load of empty shops to the only decent one left, Primark.

Come on BCP, who would want to come to Bournemouth? I was ashamed of it.

You are not supposed to wear your masks over your eyes.


Belle Vue Road, Southbourne