A NUMBER of artisan traders who were hit hard by Covid restrictions last summer have established a new market selling produce in Purbeck.

The Pop-Up On The Hill venture, started by local residents, is set to open its gates every day during July and August.

Project founder Henry Bond said: “It has been a tricky time for local businesses with the uncertainty surrounding whether summer events such as festivals and weddings will go ahead.

“We are proud to be able to say that lots of local businesses will be featuring.

"These include English Vintage Summer, serving Purbeck Ice Cream and homemade sweet treats, The Cherry Bar and Tipsy Tow Bar, serving craft beverages, and Fanny Annie’s, with their selection of grilled cheese toasties to name just a few.

"We are thrilled to be able to use our platform to help showcase the incredible amount of talent on our doorstep.

"These businesses are intrinsic to the local culture and economy, so it was exciting to figure out a way to support them.

“We are expecting a lot of visitors to the Isle of Purbeck this summer, so anything we can do to help these talented artisans to access more customers is worth doing.”

Located in the field adjacent to The Isle Of Purbeck Viewpoint AONB car park at the top of Grange Hill, visitors will be able to drive, cycle or walk to the site along the Purbeck Hills

It will open daily throughout the summer from 10am-8pm.

The concept was formed last summer when tourists flocked to the area.

Even though the Isle of Purbeck had never been busier, local artisans had difficulty selling produce due to the mass cancellation of fairs, fetes, festivals and weddings due to Covid restrictions.

A Pop-Up On The Hill spokesman said: "As a result, tourists had little option but to shop in supermarkets, and then attempt to find a picnic spot.

"Only a small fraction of the money spent in supermarkets stays in the local economy and the ingredients used to make their food and drink rarely comes from the surrounding area.

"Additionally, much of the supermarket food and drink is packaged in single-use plastic which often ends up scattered across the coastline and countryside.

"Pop-Up On The Hill will provide visitors and locals with a location where they can experience delicious food and drink from a variety of traders while being happy in the knowledge they are supporting the local community.

"There will be no single-use plastic at the Pop-Up On The Hill site and traders will serve with packaging, cutlery and crockery that is biodegradable, reusable or recyclable."

Revenue generated from Pop-Up On The Hill will also be used to create a sustainable site with upcycled furniture, locally sourced decorations and solar powered toilets for patrons.

Visit www.popuponthehill.com for further details.