WHAT a great evening Wednesday evening - England v Denmark, European Football Championship semi-final.

Well done England. All the team, the manager, the fans packing Wembley, and throughout the country.

Harry Kane’s critical breath-holding penalty shot in extra time was on target but maybe not his best. But bounced back from the Danish keeper and Harry slammed it in the net.

That then takes me back to the 1966 World Cup final at Wembley between Germany and England.

It was huge.

In extra time – it could not have been more tense – it was 2-2.

Then England’s Geoff Hurst hammered the ball at the goal. It hit the cross bar, it bounced to the ground, and bounced out onto the pitch.

It did not bounce into the goal but the ref, with the linesman, declared a goal for England.

No-one to this day can say the ball “crossed the line” and a goal was scored, but it was given.

Minutes later with another goal England won 4-2. The country erupted.

And that is to make the point there is chance - the run of the ball - in all ball games.

It all equals out. You ride your luck. Next time you might be the unlucky one, or team.

So very well done to all the players and the manager and coaches. Joy and success are contagious!

Sunday will be huge.

Don’t we all need a national party!


Jubilee Road, Parkstone