Piers Morgan has come under fire following his reaction to Boris Johnson’s Downing Street press conference.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter has once again sparked a backlash after comparing the impact of Covid deaths tot eh deaths caused by the Nazis during World War Two.

The Prime Minister vowed to tear up England’s coronavirus regulations at the next stage of the road map.

The Prime Minister has gambled on trusting the public’s judgment and the protection offered by vaccines as he scrapped mandatory mask-wearing and lifted social distancing requirements.

The so-called “Freedom Day” is expected on July 19, with a decision on whether or not to go ahead being taken a week earlier.

Piers initially expressed his concern over the Prime Minister’s plans saying: “So, to summarise: we’re steaming ahead to covid ‘freedom’ on July 19 as cases & hospitalisations are accelerating again & just 1/3 of us have been fully vaccinated.

“Boris Johnson is taking yet another massive gamble in this pandemic - and none of his other gambles worked.”

However, the outspoken broadcaster and journalist hit back at opposition to his opinion by comparing Boris Johnson’s decision to the country giving up in the fight against Adolf Hitler over 75 years ago.

“Can you imagine Twitter half way through WW2?” Piers tweeted to his  7.9 million followers.

“'I'm f***ing done with Hitler and the Nazis impinging on my liberty, so let's stop f***ing fighting them right now and pretend they're not there any more.

“I want my f***ing freedom back!'”

The 56-year-old was commended for his role in holding the government to account at the height of the pandemic but his latest rant has unsurprisingly angered a lot of people.

Piers Morgan flew away on Holiday, literally at the peak of our Pandemics infections. He has the audacity the argue against the returning of freedoms to everyone else. He has to be on a wind up. Has to be,” tweeted one social media user.

“My brother hasn’t earned a penny for 15 months. Whilst Piers Morgan couldn’t even bring himself to sacrifice his Caribbean holiday,” another added.

A third social media user added: “To even think about comparing the two events let alone tweet it.”

Others branded his latest rant an insult.

One said: “I honestly can’t believe you are comparing Covid to the war, what an insult to those who fought / died and lived through it!”

Another added: “I'm sure many of the victims of WWII and particularly the Holocaust would find that comparison to be grossly offensive.”

Boris Johnson was asked how he would handle the situation.

One follower asked: "What would you suggest then @piersmorgan? You often criticise Boris but what’s your suggestion then?! We’d like to hear it."

To which he replied: “OK. I wouldn't be relaxing restrictions any further until this wave has peaked and the case/hospitalisation numbers are coming down fast not going up fast.

“I prefer the relative freedom we have now to another full lockdown in the autumn because we were too impatient.”