LUXURY steam train Northern Belle pulled into Bournemouth railway station yesterday to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the inaugural run to London.

The original Bournemouth Belle Express first started operating on July 5, 1931, between the town and London Victoria.

Around 250 passengers embarked on the journey which pulled into Bournemouth Railway Station at 12.50pm yesterday before departing once again at 5.55pm.

Tickets for the trip cost £399 per person and included a three-course brunch on the outbound journey followed by a five-course dinner on the way home.

Despite the fact the trip once cost six shillings, or thirty pence in today’s money, passengers believed the fee was good value for money.

Bournemouth Echo: The steam locomotive Tornado The steam locomotive Tornado

Passenger Jamie Antin told the Daily Echo: “It’s an out-of-this-world experience you can not replicate, it’s one of those rare opportunities you just have to take if you can."

He added: “One hundred per cent (worth the money), you can not put money on experiences.

“It’s like a portal to the past, you see it so much on TV and in films this just brings it to real life.”

The Northern Belle was being hauled by the steam locomotive the Tornado, an encounter which impressed fellow passenger Debbie Townsend.

She told the Echo: “To get the chance to have the experience of the Tornado was fantastic.

“It was very posh, very nice food and alcohol, overall fantastic.”

On-board the train there were hand-painted murals and mosaics to complete a 1930s style.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Dan MapesPicture: Dan Mapes

One coach in another life was even used as part of the Royal Train and is even said to be complete with the Queen Mother’s favourite chair.

The attraction drew a crowd to see the historic piece of transport arrive and depart from the Bournemouth platform.

One of those was David Bissell, who told the Echo: “It’s great, all you have to do is look around the place and see how popular it is as a great tourist attraction.”

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Dan MapesPicture: Dan Mapes

Passengers departed London at 8.45am before arriving at Bournemouth in the afternoon where those on board had the chance to explore the town for around five hours before returning to the capital.