TODAY'S selection of pets include two pairs of cuddling companions, tortoises and a "loving" rabbit.

We love seeing and sharing your perfect pets and hearing all about their antics and favourite things to do.

We also love sharing them with our pet loving community.

Keith Parker introduced us to his four-legged, shelled companions, and we also say hello to Russian tortoise Mango, who loves having a bath.

Bournemouth Echo: Russian tortoise MangoRussian tortoise Mango

Amanda Vaughan shared a photo of Harvey the rabbit with his "best friend" and Dons Eddington shared one-year-old Akita Freddy with us.

Yorkshire terriers Timmy and Tammy "love being spoilt and sleeping on the bed together", according to owner Matthew Davies.

Whippet brothers Fortnum and Mason, similarly to Timmy and Tammy, also enjoy a cuddle.

Bournemouth Echo: Best buddies Fortnum and MasonBest buddies Fortnum and Mason

Ex street dog from Romania Buddy loves playing and chasing his sister.

Owner Rebecca Read said: "He is a big goofy, softy."

Old age has not stopped 19-year-old moggy Arnold from being feisty.

Bournemouth Echo: Arnold the moggyArnold the moggy

Owner Sarah Bennett said: "Arnold guards the front door and he has a local anti-social behaviour order. He's 19 and still ferocious but he loves his mummy."

Lover of licks Baldy, the one-year-old lionhead rabbit, loves running and jumping, and is more like a dog than a rabbit according to owner Gemma Heath.

Bournemouth Echo: Baldy, one, the lionhead rabbitBaldy, one, the lionhead rabbit

Finally, say hello Julie Smith's cockapoo Daisy and cat Dudley.

Bournemouth Echo: Daisy the cockapooDaisy the cockapoo

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