A FEW years ago the Met office moved from Bracknell to the West Country into the most advanced equipped buildings at huge cost.

You would expect that with such machinery the weather forecasts would be pinpoint accurate.

An amber warning was issued on Sunday for storms, thunder, lightning and heavy rain between 2pm and Monday 10pm. I must have missed that storm but did listen to the science.

Monday morning on BBC the weather forecast from Wimbledon, given by Carol Kirkwood with the benefit of information provided by the Met office, warned of heavy storms, thunder etc during the day.

Should I risk playing golf with such a dire warning in place?

I decided to take a chance anticipating running for cover when the monsoon strikes.

Mid-morning the sky turned bright blue and the temperature rose to the mid 20s, catching me out with no sun cream, but I did listen to the science.

As I write this letter no sign of thunder or lightning but perhaps that will come later.

Accurate sea weed can be found on the beach in Poole and it might be worth sending some down to the Met office so that we do not have to continue listening to the science, which in various other areas is leaving much to be desired.


Catalina Drive, Poole