IF YOU fall for wind power to replace fossil fuels for your electrical generation you need your brains tested.

What do you think happens when as we do we get a total lull in the winds for days on end?

They have no back-up, no storage, no batteries, and no fossil fuel engines to give you a supply.

The lights will go out, the heaters will shut down and at most, they may offer you fuel rationing as we did in the last war. Wintertime. No coal, no coke, no wood, no electricity and sat at home shivering in the cold in wintertime while we waited for the next delivery of fuel.

You instead will end up shivering in front of your lifeless TV with the only possibility of heat being to go outside in the cold, get you and your family into your car and run your car engine and sit in that with the heaters full on and to hell with saving the planet. and don’t tell me you are sitting in an electric car or you will just freeze.

Fraser Road, Poole